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The Mek is large,

The Mek is tall.

The Mek is so big,

It'll destroy the Mall.

The Mek is fearless, the Mek is big.

Meks have big mouths.

Meks can eat Pigs.

Meks like to eat.

Meks like to greet.

Most importantly,

Meks can't take a seat.

Meks can't sit.

But Meks can stand.

Meks have huge territories.

They own the Land.

Meks eat your tames.

Meks eat your mount.

Meks kill you.

Don't fret, Don't pout.

Meks are coming.

Meks are here.

Meks clean the wax out of your ear!

Meks are scary.

Meks are clean.

Meks look so cool.

They look pristine.

-I am the SURVIVOR

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