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Dilo dies and goes to the above:

“W-Where am I?” Exclaimed the Dilo

“Where you belong,” boomed a voice in the distance

“W-Who are you?”

“The voice stepped out of the shadow showing it’s metal familiar structure. It was none other than the Overseer. The fear pulsed through the dinosaur body with lightning speed.

“Welcome to the discussion of your fate, mere theropod,” boomed the Overseer

“Please, I can’t die now, I have so much to live for,” plead the Dilo

“The jury will decide your fate,”

The jury was none other than the Dilo’s favorite prey item, Lystros.

“Daddy look! It’s the jerk that killed us!” Called a little lystro

The jury discussed over if the Dilo should go to Heaven or Nameless Cove. The Dilo fell to his knees and begged and prayed for forgiveness. The jury looked at him in disgust and told the Overseer that they thought.

“Sorry little one, the jury has found you guilty, your punishment? Death,” The Overseer raised a tek sword over the Dilo’s head and down came the sword. But something strange happened, he wasn’t dead, but rather alive and well. In front of him stood a rather ugly human. The Dilo thought this was his punishment, to server the human forever. And never again did he hunt a lystro.

Moral of the story?



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