I tamed a level 15 Lystro and named it Smol Bean.

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I tamed a level 15 Lystro and named it Smol Bean. I buffed up her health, stamina, and attack cause' I'm new to Ark and I'm not sure if a Lystro could attack but I did anyway. Then while I was building my thatch hut, Smol Bean was outside with me, a level 2 Carno came out of nowhere and attacked me and Smol Bean. I was panicking, I didn't make any weapons yet, so I was helpless. I wasn't prepared for this at all. I knew me and Smol Bean were gonna be massacred by this Carno, but I was wrong. Smol Bean came at the Carno and within five or ten hits, the Carno died. She was on the brink of death, but she still made it. I was both very surprised and impressed by how my sweet little Lystro took down a Carno with no fear. And in the end, I praised Smol Bean with all my love and affection.

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