So when I first started playing ark my friends were pros and said your first game could be a rex.

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So when I first started playing ark my friends were pros and said your first game could be a rex.and I no I want a begginers dino so exploring a beach I see a lystro strolling on the beach then I see 2 dilos try to kill it I had a spear and hide armor so I help the lystro and i befriend him via feeding him Berry's and I said Pooh my first dino and since he was cute I named him A good boy then I tell my friend come to south zone 1 and he shows up in 10 second s so I say ready to see my first tame he says sure so I show him it in my thatch hit he says wow a lystro your lame there are so many dilos out there and you te a lystro and I say he is special and I see potential an hour later I have tamed a parasaur and I have a stone base flak guns and a ptera so I go to A good boys room to tell him goodnight I put a feeding trough a sleeping bag a small box and a picture of me and him I get of next morning I wake up to see my base raided I look for A good boy he's gone I have a note saying go to carno island with a Indus forge to get you dumb lystro back and I tell my friend he gives me the forge so we travel to carno island and I arrive to see a Tek base I invite him to a party so he can trade he says drop the forge first so I did h..h..he scamed me no I start crying my good boy he's gone then he says here I'm sorry for taking me still crying saying thank you so a good boy and I would strole every where but before I quit ark for a year so I could wait for extinction because I only had the island I said goodbye when we were done stroking around the place met so I said bye bye whilst making a nice home for him today when I got on he was there with a storage box full of kibble I was filled with joy that my friend took care of A good boy for a year so I transfered him to extinction and we were living large - the story of my lystro A good boy

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