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Ignore the dude saying it was bigger than the mosa in real-life, cause it was only 20 or so feet long in real life, but as for ark's specimen you basically just non-violently give them honey and they will tame up, they are passive to humans but not mounts, once you have yourself a magical liopluerodon to help show you the way, just latch onto it, no saddle required, and swims to a good spot for drops like the cunning cave and then get off and take a megalodon to get some drops, if you can, have a without the drop-enhancing sparked you get from riding your liopluerodon check to see if it's worth rolling the dice, unfortunately the liopluerodon will do a cool tornado thing and go away to candy mountain without you after 30 minutes, but we have mods to stop that from being a thing, oh, by the way SHUN THE NON-BELIEVERS!

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