Tales From the Arks part 6

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Tales From the Arks part 6

A magmasour ripped apart their burrow and started to attack everyone there. Radar, Shadow, Loki, and Fuzzy woke up on ragnarok

Fuzzy:how does this keep happening

Loki: Statistincally speaking i don’t know

They all laughed and made their burrow the next day they exited their burrow

Fuzzy:Where are we now


Fuzzy:let’s go back into the burrow

Radar:we need food

Shadow: Radar is right we need to get food

As the jerboas set out for food fuzzy was chasing a drone

Midnight:Fuzzy stop!

The drone crashed to the ground.

Fuzzy: owww that hurt

Midnight:Why did you do that! I said stop

Fuzzy:it looked like a toy

Midnight:we need to run

The others:why?

Midnight: now enforcers and other bad things are after fuzzy

Loki:maybe we can lose them if we get to the snow biome

Fuzzy:but I hate the cold

Midnight:would you rather be cold or killed in cold blood

Fuzzy:maybe snow isn’t so bad

Midnight:then let’s move now

Fuzzy:hey guys


Fuzzy: what’s that

Before they knew it all they saw was neon green

Sorry i don’t post much i was having difficulties posting some of the story but it should be back now! -Harpocrates

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