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Yeah I have one. Currently. I made it a saddle. I looooooove just riding it to depths I’ve never been to before ( I’m a bit of a newbie ). I named him Wave and he’s on a high level of just speed and he was set to follow my raft.......HOWEVER.............he swam away once and I was actually quite scared and worried but I went online the next day and he was just under my raft so I stopped worrying, went to gather things and make a mating stable type thing for my raptors and went back to my raft. HE WASNT THERE!!!!! I swam forever whistling as I went, took the raft out in case he was still set to follow it. Nothing. A WEEK later I was getting oil and I saw the shape of and Ichy and used my spyglass to look closer. And it was him. So I swam toward it whistling and avoiding dangers but he skirted off, I drowned and I haven’t seen him since. Thanks Wave.

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