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A quick guide for all the ark mobile players out there :)

Taming - Easy. You just need 5-7 meat for lower levels. It’s a passive tame, and i recommend you do the taming in shallow area free of mantas and megalodons.

Use - It is a good mount for travelling across beaches and moving to different places. It also makes a good mount for leading a swarm.

Stats - It has good health compared to similar sized dinos, good stamina, high speed, and average damage. If a seasoned player rides an ithcy, it can take on a megalodon (because the megalodon AI is garbage) with ease.

Saddle-making - A bit expensive compared to standard saddles. It uses 10 raw metal so keep it in mind.

It is a very viable early game tame and can be taken on expeditions for oil and other materials


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