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This is just a short story, but I tamed an Ichthy and named her Bubbles.

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This is just a short story, but I tamed an Ichthy and named her Bubbles. She was a beautiful green with red stripes. We went everywhere together. She was the best surfer I could ever ask for as a noob. She was one of my first tames that I was nervous about since she was in the water. When taming her she came up to me and was a real hassle. Playful though. One time I attacked some Jellyfish since everything acted neutral when I hit it, I died since the went aggro to me (I didn’t know any better). I quickly got on my boat with my raptor and sped over there. I didn’t care about my journeymen stuff I just wanted her back. I whistled and nothing, until I learned about requesting for a creature. She was alive and I called her back. She followed us back home safe and sound. Afterward she took me very far discovering almost over 70% of the sea. However, my own actions led me to her demise. I poked a Titanosaur, and just like that, she was stomped on. I searched how to revive her, but getting a platform would take more than two days for me, and all revival platforms are above the land. She was gone before my very eyes and I’m making a tombstone for her in my new colony, since we were looking for a new home. She will be a huge step to finding the perfect place. R.I.P Bubbles :(

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