I had the pleasure of befriending one of these animals.

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I had the pleasure of befriending one of these animals. Despite popular opinion, I find ichthyornis birds to be quite charming and graceful. So much that I found myself taming one. After he woke up, I saw a fire in Greg. From then on, we would be best friends. He’d come with me everywhere. From simple resource gathering to Bronto taming, Greg would be there supporting me from my shoulder. When I was too tired to go fishing or hunting, Greg was there to do it for me. He even makes the effort to make sure I get the best meat out of it. He is a quick learner, he went from from level 20 to level 40 in a day. Anywhere I go, he comes. Anything I need, he makes it his top priority. To this day, Greg continues to be my best friend and sometimes we just hang out on the beach or go fishing even when the resources aren’t needed. I thank Greg for his time with me and his endless favors that he has completed for me. Thank you, Greg.

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