Let me tell you the story of Howard a very simple duck but…

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Let me tell you the story of Howard a very simple duck but a useful duck that helped me tame all sorts of animals like Yutyrannus, Thylacoleos and even Megalanias. But one day I was out searching for organic Polymer, you know how it goes you go to the Snow, kill some penguins come back but this time me and my friend couldn’t get enough organic Polymer and we couldn’t find a single penguin anywhere. So we went searching for ducks to see if we could farm anymore polymer, we only found one and we needed a little more polymer but we didn’t want to go all the way to the snow and we only needed once’s ducks worth of polymer left. We were both thinking on a good way to get the rest and then my friend suddenly looked me in the eyes and said “Howard?” I was shock at the question but we were both very tired from grinding all day and we both knew we had to Give Howard a quick and painful death. Im sorry Howard your sacrifice will not be in vain❤️😔

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