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Gigantopithecus Fibrarator is content to spend it’s days wandering the Redwood Forests. You’d think they’d be more aggressive and alert due to the high amounts of danger within their typical environment, which is the one reason I don’t understand their peaceful nature.

Even despite this, Gigantopithecus Fibrarator is not bothered if another wild animal accidentally physically bumps into it, and is happy to lap up food from survivors, mostly the many berries that populate the island. However, Gigantopithecus Fibrarator becomes seriously enraged whenever physically bumped into by said survivors, causing it to attack and give chase until it either kills them or loses sight of them.


Gigantopithecus Fibrarator, once tamed, is an excellent bodyguard and companion. It’s gathering capabilities are superb, and can help master in dangerous situations. A certain tribe worships them for these qualities. I personally refer to them as “Ape Lovers”.

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