I’m the guy who tamed the crimson and cyan 135 r giga!

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I’m the guy who tamed the crimson and cyan 135 r giga! Today me and my best friend hopped on ark and prepared to tame a mate giga, we crafted all the tranqs and the trap and everything we needed and brought my Rex along as well in a cryopod, then started to search for a high level female. We found the old male level 55, then found a female 55 in Rockwell’s gardens but decided that it just wasn’t a high enough level. We had been searching for what felt like hours and was losing hope until I spotted a beautiful blood red giga with orange/beige spots along its back. I got excited and checked the level and it was a 130 FEMALE!! We were so lucky. I immediately built the trap and my friend got it in the trap, and so began tranqing the bloody thing for 30 minutes xD this was probably one of the most if not the most stressful tames I’ve ever done on ark because unlike the 135 male there was a LOT of danger around and it was so stressful to tame up but my friend helped by getting prime while I kept it down with narcotics, eventually it tamed and I immediately cryod it and we flew back to base as soon as possible. When I got back to base I made her a saddle and called her bloodlust and then levelled her a bit. I have bred them and am currently hatching an egg! Gonna try breed until I get all the best stats and the colours I want and then plus the imprint it’s gonna be an absolute beast!

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