tips and tricks for giga (mobile editionπŸŽ‡)

1/- gigas are found rarely only spawning on high mountains on the map.

2/- gigas are one of the most ferocious,vicious and dangerous dino in all of ark its health bar is on par with most bosses and not to mention its abilitys

3/- gigas are hard to tame considering its high torpor rate and fast land speed not to mention its massive damage when bitten.

4/- gigas torpor ranges from 340k(level 23-100+) to 540k(level 400-max level*450*) so it would be wise if you bought shocking tranq darts because it deals way more torpor damage but a normal tranq can do too.

5/- gigas can destroy thatch to stone tier buildings the only ones it cannot destroy are metal and tek so use your materials wisely and build 4 metal dino gate ways and build 1 large bear trap(2 if you possible) or a much more safer build 5-6 metal dino gate ways and 1 behemoth metal dino gate way and 1 behemoth metal dino gate way and 2 large bear traps.

6/-(last tip) gigas are surely one of the most useful tames as it can run faster than most large dinos and its massive damage but do not be excited quickly as this power comes in a great price….its 1st ability is called gnashed when bitting a target the effect will activate the target will bleed and be slowed for 5 seconds repeating the 5 seconds if it bites the target again and its last ability is called rage mode the rage mode is distinguishing when activated the gigas eyes will glow golden and the gigas damage will sky rocket while on a tamed giga the rider will be kicked of by the giga and proceeds to kill anything on sight(including tamed dinos and you).

giganotosaurus carolinii abilitys

wild giga:


speed:outmaches rex,titan,brontos speed


abilities:gnash and rage mode

can destroy thatch to stone while cannot to tek and metal

tamed giga:





can destroy:same

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