Tip for luring this giant rex into your trap without get bited(mobile only):

1. Clear any creatures in the area you want to build your trap

2. Build a metal trap(U shape, better be metal gateway)

3. Use an argy or a quetzal

4. Grap any herbivore you found(the tankier, the better)

5. Since ark mobile giga wont aggro on you untill you dismount, the giga will chase the prey(the herbivore) instead

6. Fly high up to make sure the giga wont kill its prey since we need the prey in order to lure it into the trap

7. If it get in the trap, kill the herbivore, and since there isnt any creatures nearby, it should go to passive mod and dont move for a short while

8. If you use the metal gateway trap, then fly around back to place the last gate, and dont dismount, otherwise it will send you to jesus

9. Make sure it cant escape the trap

And just that, you have a fully trapped giga. Now go knock it, make sure dont stay close while on foot, and you should be able to tame it(with enough trang or dart)

Hope this can be useful for you(and sorry if there are some grammar mistakes because english is not my language)

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