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I have 8 of these beauties! 6 females and 2 males, about 4 of those I two man tamed with a buddy. The rest all 6 tribe members were there. If you don't feel like gathering the materials for a trap. (We've only trapped one of these out of the 8) Get a quetzal with a platform saddle and have one person fly and the other shooting with tranq arrows or tranq darts constantly because there torpor goes down quick. It's not super hard. We've even tamed one underwater LOL. Good luck! Be warned you can lose your quetzals or any other tamed animals if you aren't careful! We've lost about 5 quetzal's and a rex in the process of just one giga. When you knock it down stay on it. Shoot 100 narcotics in it once it hits the 50-75% mark on its torpor. People who don't watch it's torpor or keep pumping narcotics into it when it starts dropping are the ones that deal with the "the giga will wake up on full torpor" myth. It's unlikely it will if you know what you're doing. Take my advice! Happy taming!

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