I was on a mountain with my tape, looking for potential…

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I was on a mountain with my tape, looking for potential base locations (I was looking around the mountain closest to carnivore island) and I see this beast, so I decided “hey, I wanna kill this fat t.Rex! Knowing damn well it was a giga. So I swapped seats on my tape and I shot it with a pistol to agro the beast, it agroed and I flew over the ocean, so I decided this was how I was gonna kill this fat thing, so I used my shotgun on it, got it down to 30,000 health with my pistol and my shotgun combined (both fabricated, but the shotgun was pump action) but I ran out of ammo! So I head back to base craft more shotgun and pistol ammo, I go back giga still at 30,000 health! So I shotgunned it to the face while it spun around in the water, ran out of ammo again! So then I made more came back and realized “hey, that’s not 19,000 that’s 1,900!!! And I kill it quickly, moral of the story, GIGAS ARE STUPID!!!!

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