Once there was a nest.

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Once there was a nest. It was a dodo nest. The mother dodo that built that nest was a proud dodo. In her nest there were 5 eggs. They were dodo eggs. One fine spring day, the mother dodo decided she would take a well earned break from sitting on her eggs. After all, she wasn't very smart and it had been 3 whole hours since she had last had a break. While she was walking in the field, an oviraptor stumbled on her nest. Right as it was going to swipe those 5 delicious looking eggs, a rex chomped it, making it drop the one egg it had been carrying home. Well the rex left and the proud mother dodo returned to find that one of her 6 beautiful eggs(not very smart) had mysteriously grown. She might have thought about this longer, but she heard a small crack from her 6 beautiful eggs. "Oh my," she thought, "my little birdies will be here soon." Well, after 3 long hours of laborious watching, 5 of her eggs had hatched and she busied herself with teaching her dodolings to preen, after all she wasn't very smart. As her five dodolings were busily preening, a loud 'CRACK' came from the 6th egg and pieces of thick shell went flying everywhere. One of those pieces het the mlm other dodo square in the head, knocking her out cold. The 6th baby looked around at the scene. The 5 considerably smaller dodolings looked up and started mocking their bigger sibling. They called it Featherbrain, Baldy, Shaq and dumdum. Well, the big dodoling laughed with them, right up until one called it 'ugly'. Dodos take their appearance personal. Without a second thought, the big dodo chomped up the 5 little dodos and the mother dodo, who was still out cold.

Moral: Dont mock those that can chomp you.

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