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I currently have two dodos in my base. Their names are PAINt and Eggo. Eggo’s the mother, and PAINt’s the son. PAINt used to be called Eggian, but since PAINt had a passion for carrying around the dyes, I decided to rename him. And sometimes he’d want to paint something, but his adorable little wings got in the way, so I always did it for him. Eggo carried around my melee weapons, and she was prepared to give me one in case something like a wild dilo decided to say hello to us by walking near our walls. They’d often chat about the times when I still ran around in cloth, too. The two also talked with Edge, my blood-red parasaur who acts more motherly than edgy (and was also my first mount), or with the dilo couple, Nightspit and Blindshot (my first tamed carnivores, but they were sadly the two survivors out of five of my dilos when their wild and more grouchy cousins attacked me a long time ago). Their father was Avian, but he died defending me from another round of dilos long ago. -DNA

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