Story title: The Tamed Dodo 🦤

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Story title: The Tamed Dodo 🦤

Characters: 3 Dodos



2 Triceratops



(Ella is a fake name, however this happend to me so... based on a true story!)

One day Ella logged on ARK.

She wanted to tame a dino/prehistoric mammal. Aka, anything!

The first thing she layed eyes on, was 2 Dodo's. They were together! She wanted to tame them!

She looked around, however no bushes in sight.

"What? No bushes? Ugh....!"

Ella walked into a forest, found bushes, and got the needed berries! The berries She needed the most was mejobetries.

"Okay, now to go back to the beach!" Ella said.

Back upon the beach, she found the precious 2 Dodo's, however this time accompanied by a Triceratops. It was just minding its business walking around. Ella walked to the first Dodo, the female! "I'm sorry I have to hit you, but you gotta understand it's for your own good!" She began attacking the Dodo with her fists, quickly making it unconscious. She put the needed berries from her inventory into the Dodo's, before she knew it, it was tamed. It began attacking the other Dodo, surprising Ella. She quickly put the attack settings on neutral, preventing any further damages. After doing so, she put the male Dodo in a unconscious state. She gave it her final mejoberry, realizing it wasn't enough, put more berries taming the male. "Yay! Omgggg, they're sounds are sooooo cute!" Ella said, however while coming and taking a closer look at the Triceratops, she found there was another one. She heard loud footsteps, however thinking it was the Triceratops, ignoring them. A Pterodactyl, then came, and quickly flew away. The Triceratops also started glowing red, feeling threatened, attacked Ella causing a impact to fly her to the water. A megapiranha attacked her, just making her weaker in health. She somehow got to get out of the water, realizing 1 Triceratops died, and the other gone, she looked behind her... the T-Rex was right there . . . "Woah!" Ella said surprised, started holding shift to sprint. This was useless, but gave the dodos time to run aswell. The T-Rex killed the lasting Triceratops in front of ella, then started chasing her! 👻. It killed her Dodo's first, causing ella to sadden, then killed her. The end.

Sorry if it was long, I was planning it to be shorter.

Started writing this story at 11:03 pm, it's currently 11:30 as I'm writing this.

27 minutes of my time wasted on writing a story!

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