Episode 1 of The Very Beary legends

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Episode 1 of The Very Beary legends

(Its a pun, also I’m sorry the first episode is so long)

Teddy feels the warm fur of his packed den his mother Grizzly, his sister’s Ear the runt, and Nala the bossy one. He

only had one brother named claw ironically while he was the biggest of them all he had the smallest claws and fangs. The entire family looked like there mother, tree bark brown with black spots throughout there entire body save Teddy he was completely Tan and looked like one of those survivors teddy bears as they call them. He squeezed out quickly making as little sound as possible. One he was out he saw the giant redwood trees surrounding him making up the redwood

forest, he looked up and saw argys flying around a few saberteeth in the distance. He took that moment to run to the biggest tree in sight, then he heard it and he almost shouted “A BEEHIVE!!!” But stopped knowing it would draw unwanted attention. He quickly ran to the beehive to distracted to notice the scent of another bear. All he was thinking was “My family they’ll say teddy no they’ll Thomas my real name, the cub that found the giant beehive”midthought a giant, groggy direbear rose from the ground at least 7 times the size of Teddy. Teddy thought that he could talk this out but the direbear said “THE ONLY THING THAT COMES ON MY TERRITORY IS MY PRAY SO WHAT DOES THAT MAKE YOU LITTLE BEAR! Before the Bear could pounce Teddy yelled “pray alongside YOU!” The bear snickered in return pouncing. Teddy rolled under the giant bear and grappled onto his back, already breathing hard he wished he had stayed with his mother and other denmates. He looked onto his den and hoped for his mother to come.

Then he saw his entire family come out with boosted confidence he cuffed the other bears eyes then ran to his family. Then he heard a giant roar and realised what made them come out of the den.

It was a Giganautasaurus

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