Let me tell you the tale of Dalia, Destiny, and Skarlet. My Dilo pack.

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Let me tell you the tale of Dalia, Destiny, and Skarlet. My Dilo pack.

First time ever playing Ark, was unfamiliar with the game still, but knew the basics. I wandered around the beach and found my first aggressive dino, A lvl 85 greenish colored Dilo. However I didn't know it had a high level, as I assumed that early game creatures would be low level (grave mistake, I know) so I brandished the wooden club I had from the taming dodo pursuit(playing on mobile btw). I snuck up behind it and started whacking it. I didn't have a spear, and my hatchet was broken and I had yet to make a new one, so the club was the best weapon. I originally planned to kill it since it could pose a threat as it was near my base, low level or not. However after getting a few good hits in it eventually started attacking me, which was then when I realized it's level. However, I continued my onslaught and eventually,after losing at least half my health, it fell unconscious. I grab my pickaxe to begin killing it for it's much needed hide, but then I remembered you can tame things in this game (shocking, right?) so instead, I decided to tame it. It was my first EVER tame (aside from that one dod which I killed immediately),so I named the now level 100-105ish level dino Destiny, as it was Destiny that brought us together. After it stood up, I felt a wave of confidence, so I put destiny at my base, healed up, and went Dilo hunting. I found two more, a really pretty red one and a lightly colored greeny. They were wandering pretty close together so I originally thought they were mates. Yet for some reason, that didn't stop me? I wandered closer untill the green one, slightly lower level than what destiny was on, spotted me. I saw no heart and she was female, so the other one was likely female too. Anyway, the lightly green colored one chased me, but luckily the red one hadn't spotted me. I made my first real smart decision and lured her away from her friend instead of staying there to be gangbanged, and tamed her up as well. I repeated the process, naming this one Dalia and bringing her back to my base. I really wanted the red one two, as I really liked the colors, but was running low on meat. Killed some lystros, and went for it. Unfortunately, I forgot to heal, and the red one was a whopping level 115! I nearly pooped, and its bite broke half my cloth armor. I ran all the way to the base, where I debated on trying to take it, or letting my new tames kill it. Then I looked at my stats to see how much health I had, and noticed I still had engram points

I looked, and realized I could learn the Bola engram. I did so, and just BARELY had enough hide to make ONE. I did it, and found the Dilo. Bola flew through the air, and kapow. Dilo trapped. I went up close but was reminded that they could like, spot, so that was an unpleasant surprise. Nonetheless after breaking one club and panicking I eventually knocked her out and named her Skarlet, as a nod to her colors. She was by far the strongest Dilo,.so I took her and named her "Alpha" of the pack of three. Though it wasn't official since the game doesn't have any kind of pack making system in ark. I went to sleep, and awoke the next day.

Unfortunately, some time later I got too reckless and they all died while I for some reason tried to tame a lvl 64 raptor assisted by a lower level mate. I eventually did tame it, but I forgot to leave my dilos behind and they tried to fight it, which they died, but if they and at least one more in their pack they wouldn't have. Also I probably could have helped I kinda just stood away, watching..

I was still fairly new to the game leave me alone :(

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