Though some tell tales of glorious adventures, and others…

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Though some tell tales of glorious adventures, and others speak of brave and dangerous encounters, I present to you a fable of pure dread. That of which is the Hash Slinging- Bash Ringing- Crash Bringing Dilo. Or something like that. This creature roamed the beaches of The Island, different from any other. So how did I come to learn of this beast? Oh I didn’t just hear stories of it, I encountered it myself. It was just another bob-like start to a new adventure in ark. I prepared resources on the south beach and began trekking towards the South Zone 2 rocky peninsula. I saw a dilo in the distance, and with my club in hand decided I wanted a friend. I ran towards the critter with club swinging, and the creature deformed and low-poly head swiveled in my direction. What horror! It’s untextured and pale face gazed in my direction. I felt as if time stopped, and it did, I froze, and unknowing fell. There’s no telling what the ark may throw at you, be strong, and I wish you good luck.

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