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The Dilo Files- created by Awesome101

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The Dilo Files- created by Awesome101

Chapter one- The Awakening

The light slips in through Ethans half open eyes, slowly bringing him conscious. He sits up, sand spilling out of his clothes. He can’t remember anything, how he got here or who he is. “Where am I?” He says to himself, which gives him a little comfort in his nervous state. He stands up and looks around. In front of him is a dark forest, which emits many animal sounds that make Ethans hairs stand erect. Behind him is a vast expansion of ocean. A seagull-like bird slows in the air and lands on the water. As soon as it lands, a shark the size of a house leaps out of the water, swallowing the bird whole. The sight made Ethan wince. He was distracted momentarily by an itch on his left arm. He glances down and sees an orange, kite-shaped gem, emitting a faint orange glow. He tried to get his over-grown fingernail under it to pull it out, but it won’t budge. Suddenly, his vision goes blurry and he falls to the ground.

Chapter 2- coming soon, still in the same place

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