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Dev1: Let’s make a worm!

Dev2: You mean, like an earthworm?

Dev1: No, silly! A Death-Worm!

Dev2: uh, sure…

Dev1: give it arms to kill things with.

Dev2: okay, done.

Dev1: give it thousands of health.

Dev2: I don’t like where this is going…

Dev1: shut up and listen!

Dev1: give it very high damage.

Dev2: are you done yet?

Dev1: make it be the only way to get black pearls on SE, but it doesn’t give much.

Dev2: well, I think your boss is done.

Dev1: boss? Who ever said it was the boss?

Dev2: here we go again…

Dev1: Put a scorpion tail and Wyvern wings on a lion.

Dev2: I hate my job.

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