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What’s that rumbling underneath the desert sand? A death worm and if your I’ll prepared your probably dead! So let’s talk about them!

Appearance: Mud brown exoskeleton, with 2 legs on each side of the segmented exoskeleton, it’s face is similar to that of stag Beatles’ mandibles, with large legs dangling underneath them.

Where would you find one?: [MAJOR WARNING: these are extremely dangerous if you aren’t prepared] To find one simply traverse the border of scorched earth.

What do they do?: In lore, they were meant to terminate ANY survivors that try to exit the border, and they do this very efficiently. This is do to their massive health pool, their intimidating size, and the ability to come out of nowhere if your not paying attention. (So basically they’re the Gandalf’s of arks border: “you. SHALL-NOT! PASS!!!”)

Is there a reason to come face to face with one?: If your a low level… definitely not. If your a high level survivor with a fully imprinted tank of a tame, like a wyvern. Then yes there is a reason for killing them. Reason number 1 They are the only source of death worm horns (I know ironic right?). Reason number 2: The XP you gain when killing one.

Of course there’s also reasons not to mess with one: Their massive health pool. On top of being the equivalent to a reaper king Giga hybrid, it’s capable of taking huge chunks of health from your tame. If you run into one on accident without a tame, run while you still can or you can consider your self all sorts of dead.

Additional facts:

*Deathworm horns can be used to quickly tame a mantis

*Deathworms can ONLY traverse terrain while underground, while underground they sacrifice the ability to attack you, the same goes for you attacking it.

*deathworms can be detected by the bump of moving sand towards its target, they only attack survivors.

*When deathworms can’t reach the target, it has to go underground to get closer, before then being able to hit the target.

*Deathworms are around 1/4 taller than a giganotasaurus

Thanks for reading!

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