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The helmet it’s wearing is an alpha fire wyvern skull. Presumably one that challenged it for dominance. This also shows the incredible intelligence of the Queen wyvern.The fact that it was smart enough to use a helmet to protect it’s face and skull is crazy. Also it easily beat out an alpha fire wyvern with no permanent injuries.The fact that it’s so large shows that it has lived for a long time. Also it’s incredibly territorial, protecting it’s nests at all times. There are three, which I think stands for the three crystal wyverns. This is interesting, as it’s a combination of all three. Does it have a mate from every class or is there a King fire wyvern somewhere?Maybe it’s just protecting it’s mate?Or is it the last of an alpha species that is a combination of all three wyverns, and just trying to survive? Maybe it’s a mutant caused by inbreeding between species? The fact that it uses all breath weapons is crazy as it needs to have 3 different organs to produce the 3 breath weapons.

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