Where do I begin?

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Where do I begin? I’ll start with my first carcha I felt like a true man bonding with this dinosaur. I tamed it, my buddy has a base on carno island. I would swim the distance between land and the island all the time with this, and never had any problems. About a week later I found a nice giga, I spent all my resources, all my narcotics, and one argy to tame it. I knocked it out and realized I didn’t have prime meat. So I flew off to get some. Remember how I said I used all my narcotics? Well it woke up before I came back. So round 2, and it was a success. Now I want to brag about this to my friend and I think how I’ve never had issues with my carcha, so I start swimming, half way there I see some blue orbs under the water. No, not aliens, it’s Cnidaria. Feet away from shore, it stun locks my giga, and I can’t kill them fast enough with my crossbow so my giga I had poured blood sweat and tears out for was dead within the first 10 minutes of being tames.

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