Once upon a time.

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Once upon a time.... I was near the beach side as a lowly level barely starting out near herbivore island I found a little poop dino with blue feet waddling around on the beach. It was a Lystrosaurus and he was just having a good time I decided I wanted to tame this little guy and so I did. That is how Blue Socks joined the very small family I had. I spent time with him, played with him, pet him and all was well but one thing , he couldnโ€™t ride my raft from one side of the river to the next so I needed by boy to swim as fast as his little legs could! I whistled for him to follow and I gave him a good petting before we swam, I then swam to the other side and awaited him on the beach side. Then out of nowhere blue lights began coming it was the evil jellyโ€™s, but it was already to late I couldnโ€™t save him they swarmed Blue Socks and all I could do is watch as he was electrocuted to death by a dozen Jellyโ€™s. Kill them.... kill all the jellyโ€™s, Rip and Tear till there is nothing left....

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