My Life as an Ark noob: chapter 2

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My Life as an Ark noob: chapter 2

The thing in the bushes came closer. I was prepared to swing with my pickaxe, suddenly a terrifying beast stepped out of the bush! It was the evil, malevolent… dodo. “Stupid dodo!” I yelled as I punched the dodo. It fell to the ground as I punched it. I felt bad for the dodo so I picked some berries of of a nearby bush and set them down near its head. As the bird awoke I saw that it was fine so I went over to another tree to start to chop it down with my newly made axe. As I walked away from the dodo it started to follow me. I give it some more berries and it chipped happily. Suddenly a glob of poison hit my dodo in the face… To be Continued

( first in Andrew next in Beyla spawn)


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