Want to tame this Astrocetus relative? Cool! Lets get started!


-Lots of element

-TEK Gear and Weapons are recomended to jetpack around the Astrodelphis and kill surronding Voidwyrns

-Astrodelphis TEK Saddle

-Extra Tip: Its a passive tame not KO one.Theyre also found in Genesis but you cant find one in mobile though :(

Now lets get this Flying Dolphin in your hands!

They can be found on the edges and cellings of the map.

Step 1:Find the Astrodelphis (Walls,Cellings,and edges of the map)

Step 2: When you find one kill everything exept for your dolphin

Step 3:Put your whole crit of Element in your hotbar then just passive tame it.(If any aggresive creatures spawn like a Voidwyrn kill it, it will ruin the Taming Effectiveness or probaly kill your tame and you if your not carefull)

Step 4: Keep on putting element in its stomach "till it becomes your friend :') πŸ¬πŸ‡

Now... lets go to its abilities

Its TEK Saddle has some uses like ALLOT so ill show you all of them! :')


Its very intense it has 2 plasma guns on each side and they are very deadly they are like bigger and stronger TEK Guns.


The Astrodelphis posseses Ecolocation in the water! Its very cool.


This Space Dolphin posseses incredible speed so fast that in PVP its hard to shoot it!

PVP Tip: The Astrodelphis can shoot continuesly until its bar meter is full like other TEK Guns.

Tip 2: Astrodelphis can only be found in PC and consle.

Thanks for seeing my Guide! Hope this helps!!!😁

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