It was a nice day on ARK and my stego Sota laied an egg.

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It was a nice day on ARK and my stego Sota laied an egg. That was 3 eggs if i include that ones that i've already turned into kibble. I was sooo happy bc for me 3 kibbles means scessfull tame. I felt so excited. Going to tame an arge for the 1st time. I took my as bow around 70 tranq arrows, lots of biotoxin, and meat. As i come out of my base my pteranodon Copper was already waiting for me. We flew a long journey until we finally reached our distance the Vulcano. Top of the vulcano was all covered in platforms and buildings of 1 tribe there was no place to land. So me and Copper flew a bit lower and landed at one of the sides of Vulcano instead. I saw some arges right below us, so i took my spyglass out and just looked at them fo a while. After few minutes of watching i decided to go after lvl 30 famale with green and white colors. After few shots she was out and after 2 bites of kibble she was tamed! I named her Emerald. And now she is always by my side.


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