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I had an idea of bringing my Carno (Bullseye) to the cave…

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I had an idea of bringing my Carno (Bullseye) to the cave down south, it worked pretty damn well despite being webbed. I get the artifact and leave, I tought to myself, “Wait, I should empty the cave and fill it with spike walls before I leave” I did as planned, Bullseye got stung, webbed, spat, and bit at but he made it in the end, now I can enter the cave with no worries and I can get myself some Soothing Balm. Which by the way I’ll tell right here. So if you’re interested, continue reading this story.

Again, I’ve mentioned the Cave down south (specifically the mid south one, not the east) the artifact in there can be used as a tribute to the green obelisk, now you can’t always get the soothing balm from the tribute, but this is one of the ways to get at least a higher chance of it instead of having to rely on a Free Gift (mobile), the tribute is especially good for some low leveled players as offering it grants other things aside from the balm (blueprints, buffed items, and etc.)

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