I lost my level 42 ankylo "tank" because of manta's long…

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I lost my level 42 ankylo "tank" because of manta's long story short i was swimming to the other side of the lake where i live because my 2 dons and i got attacked by 2 manta's and then tank went into the water but my lv 5 rex rib cage killed them both and i was stupid and didn't do a head count and then it said tour tank drowned ๐Ÿฅบand i literally was Bawling my eyes out fot literally like 30 minutes and then that night i thot of tank and i cryed again i never let my dinos in the water again and now my Brusa is my killer kylo she is lv 11 and i only upgraded her melee damage please like for tank ๐Ÿฅบ never let your ankylos in the water they will die

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