Looking for a huge pack hunting creature? Well then lets get started on taming this dino!


Low lvl: lvl 30, lvl 45, etc.

-Primitve Long Neck Rifle/Primitive Crossbow.

-Narcotics x50-70 or Bio-Toxin x40 Below.

-Prime Meat 1-Half Stacks or x3 Diplo Kibble.

-Journeyman or Ramshackle Flak Armor and Chitin Armor will be helpfull on protecting you.

-Lots of stone traps (To kill the low lvls and secure the high lvl)

High lvl: lvl 150, lvl 450 lvl 125

-Ascendant Long Neck Rifle/Ascendant Crossbow.

-A soothing Balm (If you want) (Only in Mobile)

-x3-x6 Diplo Kibble

-Ascendant Flak gear or Ramshackle/Journeyman TEK gear would be appreaciated for protection

-lots of stone traps (to kill low lvls and secure the high lvl)

Alright lets get started!

Step 1: Find an Allo (PC and Consle: Allos are found in Ragnorok, Extinction, Island, Centre. Mobile: Allos are uncommon in mobile they are found in some mountains and the Redwood River and Green obelisk and Red Obelisk.)

Step 2: If you have a strong mount like a Rex or Spino lead the low lvls to the trap, dont kill them once theyre trap cuz when your out of Diplo Kibble then you dont have prime meat so meat is the only choice and it also the only food that lowers Taming Effectiveness faster not to mention other Berries exept for Mejos

Step 3: Lure the high lvl allo in the trap then proceed to KO it, now kill the remaining low lvls for prime meat and put them with the Bio or Narcotics in the Allos Inventory

Step 4: Just wait for the Allo to tame and keep killing enemies when the Allo is still KO"d

Wohoo! You got yourself a Pack muel! An Allosaurus! Meaning "Weird Lizard"!πŸ¦–πŸ‡πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

Now lets go to its abilities!

ABILITY 1- Allos have a leader buff so if youve tamed 3 or 4 the high lvl will be the Alpha and the other high lvl will become a Beta Male or Female

ABILITY 2- Allos have a roar and have a bleed effect simalar to a Giga but sadly only Beta Males or Females and Leaders can only do the roar and bleed effect though :'(

Now lets go to the allos dissabillities theres only 1 in this! :')

DISSABILITY 1- Allos have a good turning radius and HP and damage too but the worst part of it is its stamania, you see when your at easy mode and tame a lvl 5 Its just horrible Thd stam is 200 below.

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