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I just now noticed that it has maggots on it- (trigger warnin) *silently barfs in corner* ANYWAYS here’s a spoiled meat to narco berry ratio for you so you don’t have to do math! Simple yet time wasting still. N= NarcoBerry and M= Spoiled Meat

15: 75N 15M

25: 125N 25M

50: 250N 50M

65: 325N 65M

80: 400N 80M

100: 500N 100M

150: 750N 150M

175: 875N 175M

200: 1KN 200M

Hope this helps! I just grind berries on my Tek Para and separate all the meat stacks individually. Then just craft away! If the meat is about to spoils just smack in preserving bin then rinse and repeat

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