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*I walk into the areana on one side and my aunt walks through a door on the other side*


-you ready to die?

I already said, Im not afraid of death.


"Ready? Fight!"

*a sword apears in each of our hands and we charge towards eachother. Our swords clang together until my aunt stabs me in the heart*

-poor orphan. Your mother didnt die of a heart attack, I poisoned her.

*I colapse to my nees and look down*

-you will soon join her, then, I will rule the shadow realm, and the human realm! Your mother was weak, she couldnt handle the responsibility of the throne.

*my eyes glow red from anger but my aunt doesnt notice*

-she was weak, and so are you.

*I start glowing red and my aunt backs away*

-what is happening?

*I start floating 2 feet above the ground and my eyes start glowing such a bright red that everyone gets blinded*


*the glow dims and I stand up, my wounds gone*


I thought you said I was weak?

*I grab my sword and calmly walk towards my aunt*

You say my mother couldnt handle the throne.

*I slice my aunts arm off and she screams in pain*

But you didnt challenge her. You thought she was too strong.

*I slice my aunts other arm off and the crowd starts cheering*

My mother wasnt a tyrant. She wasnt weak. She wasnt like you, coward.

*I stab my aunt in the heart and everybody cheers and starts shouting my name*

"Shadow wins!"

*my eyes return to a normal white and all of my wounds return*

"Quick! Get a medic down there!

*my life flashes before my eyes, the happy moments, and the sad moments. My mothers face apears in my thoughts as I fade into unconsciousness, saying: Im proud of you. Then i fade into unconsciousness.*


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