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This method is called converting. ( only casual) So their is organic polymer and normal polymer. (Organic is a substitute for normal polymer) now obviously you can get a lot from killing Kairukus or using a snail. But theirs a catch to using organic vs normal polymer, organic spoils and comes in stacks of 10, normal does not spoil and comes in stacks of 5000 (mobile). Fabricators can only hold 70 slots. Organic can not be used for advanced blueprints ( Mastercraft/ascendant) how the trick work is this. Get a pretty big that uses polymer. (Vault,air conditioner, or elevator things,) take out all normal polymer and keep organic. Make the structure and then destroy it the organic polymer comes back as normal polymer. Rinse and repeat as many times as you want. thank you for reading and respond me at @Blackout

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