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Never will understand all of the recommendations for the mining laser.

Testing on single player with an Ascendant +295% mining laser (which is better than anyone is going to ever find on official servers) vs my +300% melee damage character using a +700% metal pick vs my 300th level Anky with most of her levels spent on Weight (she's +488% melee damage). Results of hitting a single crystal node:

Mining Laser: 64 crystal

Metal Pick: 55 crystal

Anky: 160 crystal

And that's every time, day in day out. The mining laser is truly mediocre considering it weighs so much, takes two hands to weild, and uses up gasoline like mad.

Anky is far more effective than the mining laser, and frankly the metal pick will easily generate all of the 100 pound stacks of crystal you can carry *anyway*.

The difficulty isn't finding or mining crystal. It's in transport, same as with Obsidian, metal, even stone and wood.

Collecting thousands at once is easy. Getting even a good fraction of that to your base? Good luck.

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