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Sounds good HaziHeeler! Maybe the characters come across your Kapro at one of the obelisks, and then he starts following them around. Also, I think that, just for the purposes of the crossover, your tames teleport with you when you beat the overseer. None of the Explorer Notes authors even tried, and the devs did that because starting out on scorched with your Rex army is just to OP, so we’re not for sure if you can in ark lore. The teleporters to get to the boss arenas work on tames, so maybe? Also, I liked all of the first chapters to come out so far, and for Wrecker, I have an idea. Maybe Helgraf (Nerva’s army’s second-in-command, remember him?) says that they need more power if they are going to survive in scorched, so Tyrana feeds Wrecker element. Does that sound good?


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