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Awesome thanks! I have a character ready.

His name is Kenya, and he’s a kaprosuchus (I think I spelled it right haha) who can speak to humans normally.

He was originally a ferocious, and was from my made up ARK, which is full of pollution and toxic stuff, which is how he swallowed element when he was young and can now speak.

The ARK was never supposed to be launched, therefore it’s full of nastiness.

He’s gray and dark purple, if you were wondering. XD

Also, Lava, I may have a solution for Wrecker.

What if when Kenya arrived, SE tried to remove the toxic element from his system by trying to drain it from him? While trying to remove it, some of the removed element could’ve run into a nearby pool of water, and before the ARK could get rid of it, Wrecker drank it.

I’m sure you could come up with better, but that’s just a thought! Thanks!

Also you did spell it right.

You can nickname me Hazi, Haze, or Heeler if you want by the way. That’s all!


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