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Well, that’s about it for season one! I think it went pretty good. When are you guys thinking season 2 should start? How about for season 2, let’s try to make Tyrana more of an egotistical maniac that wants to not just conquer this ark, but other arks, so she goes on to scorched earth, doing this by having her new army slay the guardians and overseer. The main characters chase her. Nerva teams up with the good guys, acting like he wants to help, when in reality he just wants to rule again, and in the end he either slays Tyrana or Tyrana escapes. Having reclaimed his throne, he decides not to rule. Through this experience, he changed, and liked not having to worry about an army he has to rule, although he didn’t realize it until then. He disbands his army, and lives out the rest of his days as a desert nomad with his triceratops, spike.

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