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I’ve thought out my next character, the wyvern king, who will probably play a big role in the story. (I hope, Red didn’t get much attention.) The wyvern king will be located in the wyvern trench, and he’ll be a deadly foe. He’s mainly a lightning wyvern, with the ability to change breaths, but it takes a full 2 minutes, so he can’t just go from electrocuting everyone to then blast everyone with poison. Also, he’s 2.5x the size of a normal wyvern, so he’s pretty big. I feel like scorched earth didn’t get much attention or guardians, so this wyvern can be a guardian that has escaped, but takes a long time to respawn, so when he dies he’ll be back long since everyone has ascended, meaning there should be a third guardian and overseer that is the same thing from the island, but transforms in to the guardians of scorched earth, and maybe a different arena that is hot instead of cold? That’s my idea for the wyvern king, and to be able to ascend off scorched earth.


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