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Not sure if you guys care about my opinion or not since I am not in the crossover, but it seems like it is a little weird to be like,”nerva is weak around water” so that a specific thing can kill him. To bring red into it and maybe to eliminate Goliath, have red and Goliath fight. A giant beast like Goliath fighting with a squid that is trying to drown him could make for an epic chapter. For nerva, I don’t know. Maybe something like walkers dream. Nerva lays waste to the entire ark to try and find Siyu and Christopher. As for Rockwell, in the explorer notes he is an intelligent man full of trickery and deceit. He should follow in his (father? Grandfather?)’s footsteps and do something like tricking nerva into doing something stupid. I hope you at least read this. Also, if you can, please wait to start the next one until like the beginning of June at the earliest just in case I can do it over the summer. I have a character and everything.


- The Nazgûl

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