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I have a feeling we are trying to get an encounter with red to defeat nerva. “Weakest around water” “ red destroyed his navy” I think me Christopher and siyu are gonna try to lure nerva to her.-lava I have an idea what if when trying to get to red we were stealthing along the grasslands from the redwoods trying to get to my mosa but finally nerva sees us and tries to attack but we are escaping to the ocean and he follows us and finally we get to red and swim away as fast as possible and then (tyranas real plan is in motion) boom perfect ending... but it would leave out (Rockwell and Goliath) but swamp stopped so prob just Goliath. (Goliath could wreck Rockwell while we are doing that lol)so that has so many pros and cons but the choice is up to us so in your comments type this in to answer (/yes\) or (/no\) and boom we have a vote for a good ending and also (/yes\)

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