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The Shadows of Death

Chapter 3 - [The Punishment]

Species in the Chapter:

Living Shadows


Humans(Sighted, Mentioned)

Shadow Split Personalities

Characters in the Chapter:

Shadow/Ariande - Eclipses Daughter

Blazefire(mentioned) - Current Queen

Ex Queen Eclipse(mentioned)

Dark One - Split Personality


About 28 years before the current time in the Club Parrot RP [https://discord.gg/6uWdwCxe]

Character POV and Description:

Shadow/Ariande. Ariande has pitch black skin and hair. She has glowing white eyes, and a dark aura that flows around her like water. Her presence has no effect on others.

Where the Chapter takes Place

Earth. This chapter takes place in a lush forest on earth, with tall, green trees, massive bushes, and various animals lurking.


A dark portal formed in the clearing of a forest. A few birds, startled, flew away. A deer paused, staring at it. A dark figure collapsed out of the portal, gagged and tied up. The deer, afraid, darted away. Ariande groaned, tears still fresh in her eyes. She managed to get her feet under herself, and carefully stood up. Her wrists were raw from the rope, which was digging into her skin. She choked out a sob, before shaking her head. She quickly turned, and saw the portal beginning to close. Eyes widening, she ran towards it, but didnt reach it in time. The portal closed with a loud pop, just as Ariande reached it…

She groaned, before turning her attention to freeing herself from the ropes and gag. She thought of something, and began twisting her wrists aggressively. She winced as the rope began to cut into her skin, eventually drawing blood. The rope began sizzling as her acidic blood started melting it, eventually falling off. She brought her hands infront of her, staring at them for a moment, before tearing the gag off.

Glancing around for the first time since arriving, her eyes widened even further. Panic started filling her mind as she backed up.


She mumbled, before freezing. A low growl started behind her, a few leaves crunching. She slowly turned around, staring at a wolf. Of course she had never seen one before, so she blinked in confusion. The wolf snapped at her, snarling. Yelping, she slowly started to back up. A twig snapped under her as she stepped on it, causing the wolf to lunge at her. Shrieking, she turned and ran. The wolf quickly began gaining on her as she ran for the small nook of a tree. Just barely managing to slide under, the wolf slammed into the side of it.

As she started to slow her breathing down, she glanced back out. The wolf was pacing outside of it, waiting for her to exit. She reached a hand out to it, snickering. The wolf growled, suddenly shoving its head into the hole, nipping her hand. She yanked it back, making a small hissing noise, clutching it. She backed up a bit, and sat, wrapping her arms around her legs to wait for it to leave. She silently thought about everything that had happened, now that she had a moment to do so.

Tears started forming in her eyes as she thought about the previous events. She silently vowed revenger, clenching her hand into a fist.

"You…are very pathetic."

She paused, looking around for whoever spoke. She jumped as she spotted the wolf again, having forgot about it.

"Im not in my physical form right now, stupid. Im talking in your mind."

Ariande blinked, confused.

"Who are you…?"

"Im God,"

The voice said sarcastically

"No, Im your split personality, who else would I be?"

Ariande simply shrugged at this information. A dark cloud started forming next to her. She blinked, carefully moving to the side. The cloud was swept away, and a split personality formed. They were a dark red, eyes white with a small red tint. They apparently were bald, which Ariande laughed at for the next 2 minutes. They sat there, glaring at her as she did so.

"You done? Good. So you want revenge, eh? I do too. What do you say about us killing your aunt together, eh?"


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