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Okay, this is a bunch of dino names. Also, I just want to say this: Before I was a fan-fictioner and went by Jedi, I was the person who said Steve the stegosauraus. Any ways, here's some names you can use it you want.

Yesenia the Yutyranus (I actually know a Yesenia)

Isaac the Iguanadon

Trudy the Troodon

Bob the Beezlebufo

Uriel the Unicorn

Tracy the Triceratops

Spike the Spinosauraus

Albert the Allosauraus

Rick the Rex

Derk the Dung beetle

Vicky the Vulture

Remmi the Raptor

Greg the Glow horn

Larry the Leedstichys

Athena the Achanita

Well, that's all folks! One of those is actually my name...I


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