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The Dodo Empire story part 1

So I decided to give a little summary of what as happened so far in the dodo empire since something happened that might really change things. I’ve been there since the beginning when we where in a little wooden hut on the Leech server. I didn’t help out to much since I didn’t have a lot of time and we kept getting wiped out. But in that first server I established a few things with everyone else. First I’m definitely a noob. Second, I can be a bit annoying when I get bored. Finally, I had a problem, a problem with authority, and mainly “King DTG”. So this didn’t seem to be to big of an issue. I broke every single law daily but DTG kept pardoning me. So it worked out. We ended up moving to several different servers until we finally settled. When I first stepped foot onto the newest server I had a good feeling about it and I was determined to actually be helpful.

-Dilo Girl

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