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She awoke with a gasp, air rushing into empty lungs, her body, full, and unscarred, uninjured. She peeled her eyes open, to stare up at the sky again, once again, on a beach. She groaned, and got to her feet, everything she had painstakingly collected, gone. She sighed, how was she alive? She looked around her, and saw, nothing that could have killed her, sure there was a...raptor? Running on a opposite beach, but that was far away. There was some other large dinosaurs, and some small birds running around. Over towards the trees more, there was some tall, fluffy one, wait, she had seen these before, in a science text book. It was so cuteeee! She ran towards it, and threw arms out. Then, suddenly, it all went wrong, the beast took one look at her, roared, and slashed it's unbelievably long front claws. She jumped back with a "Eep." It turned around, and faster then anything she could've expected, ran at her. She bolted for it, but it was far faster then her, when suddenly, a quite psst sounded off, further a away, and the beast dropped dead. She turned around, to see a man, donning some sort of armor, and a rifle, walking towards his prize, her stop had brought her to the ground, and she stood up to greet him, he didn't even look at her. Then, suddenly, something, a raptor, came charging out of the trees towards her. "Look out!" She screamed to him, but the beast ran past him, towards her. The man looked up, and seeing the charging raptor, HOLSTERED his rifle, then whistled? The beast stopped, but continued to stare menacingly. "W-what? How?" He stopped to take the first real look at her. "Your just a beach bob, move along." He said to her, then reaching her first attacker, bent down, and went over it, then suddenly, grabbing a metal weapon of sorts, hacked it's claws straight off. She stared in shock. He then began to hack the remaining of it's corpse to bits, only collecting specific pieces. "Why? Why are you doing that? Shouldn't we bury it, or at least don't waste it!"

He turned around, with a cold look on his face.

"That's not how it is out here sweetie. Welcome to the jungle."

Thx so much for reading!

You can find the next bit in: Ammonite!

Sorry for the long wait! Life got in the way. 😂


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