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++ guys, I slightly tweaked y’all’s descriptions, so here’s a few (sorry if there like, way different)


A rarely occurring, dangerous beast in which is almost always aggressive. A viscous liquid that can morph into most things, but it’s ‘favourite’ is a quadrupedal kaprosuchus like body, with its hind legs being massive insect legs, which are a bit taller than its actual height in that form. It uses them to climb, and once in a form it can't change until its body softens back up into a liquid. It is carnivorous, and the apex predator of Cliffside Canopies (and the flesh/corpse)


An omnivore, which will attack only if provoked.

A tall, pitch black bird with blank white eyes. It is much like a terror bird, but unlike them, they have massive hind legs in which they can use to propel themselves into huge speeds. They have a serrated, long beak for hunting down prey (mostly fish, small mammals and lizards) and to fight. Their wings, due to their medium size, are around 2 metres long on each wing. They cannot fly for too long, due to their heavy body, but can use their wings for a sort of air pushback (like a wyvern). Their talons are sharp, and sometimes can pick things up such as a person or other small creature and glide or run it for an amount of time.


Carnivorous, ambush predator.

Around the same size as a human, taller in the males, the ScytheWolf is a predator, though nowhere near something big such as the Carcitho or Seeper. They hunt in packs, using their thin, but sharp claws and spikes on the elbow joint to stun and cripple prey, dragging it back to their pack-shared nest and devouring their prey.

The Abomination


A grotesque creature that is a mix of a spino, morels tops and other dinosaurs. This thing is only found one time, and is not tamable. It is found in the ruins of what once was a bustling facility.. not much is really known bout it.

Hope this helps??


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